Gyalton Rinpoche's Visit
15 - 22 August 2022


This year we are honoured to receive Gyalton Rinpoche. Rinpoche is one af the main lamas at the Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat of Khenting Tai Situpa.
During his visit Rinpoche will bestow individual and group teachings, as well as perform a Green Tara initiation. In addition, Rinpoche will bless and officially open a new property acquired by the Palpung Buddhist Community in the Laroles Valley. It is a farm that Tai Situ Rinpoche wishes to dedicate to the growing of medicinal plants, thus promoting a development in biodiversity within the Natural Parc of Sierra Nevada.

The programme of the visit will be as follows:
Monday:Rinpoche's arrival
Tuesday:Rest day for Rinpoche and preparation for the events
Wednesday:Nature Celebration Day. Horseback and/or mules excursion in Sierra Nevada. Rinpoche is a keen rider and has been horseriding on every of his visits in Palpung Sera Nevada. This year, 4 people will be able to accompany Rinpoche during his trek on mules. There is no need to have previous riding experience but imperative to be in good physical conditon. This activity is professionnally organized by Equi'Libre (Clara Gatón). For reservation and fees, please contact Clara direct at:
For those not riding they can follow on foot, and, if not physically able to, we have some 4x4 vehicles so as to all meet together for a picnic.
Thursday:Teachings on "Inner Peace, World Peace". In the afternoon, private and/or group interviews with Rinpoche. Please do book in advance.
Friday:Teachings on the practice of Green Tara. Afternoon for interviews.
Saturday:Blessing of Lama's Farm and picnic.
Sunday:Green Tara Initiation in the temple.
For reservation please contact Isa on mobile: +34 636 484 610
or by email to:

Hatha Yoga Course
with Bhagwan Singh
24 - 28 July 2022


Bhagwan Singh was born in Dostpur, Haryana, India in 1961. At the early age of 14 he started his training with Mr Jagdish in Haryana then up to 1996 completed his formation in Hatha yoga and Kundalini yoga with various Indian masters.
Between 1997 and 1998 he received teachings from guru C.S. Sherma (Bathie Yoga Sansta) and it is in this year that he obtained the Diploma of Yoga Instructor delivered by the Delhi Government.

During the following years Bhagwan Singh taught yoga in various Indian Centres.
From 2006 he settled in San Sebastián, where he has been teaching yoga up to this day. His teaching style is thorough, blending knowledge acquired first hand from various Indian masters with his comprehension of the Western mind.
This course will last 5 days, from Sunday 24 to Thursday 28 included.
The programme will be:
08 - 10 Yoga14 - 15 Vegetarian food
10 - 11 Breakfast15 - 18 Free time
11 - 12 Talk from Bhagwan18 - 20 Yoga
12 - 14 Free time20 - 21 Supper

For the harmony and smooth running of the Centre each participant can offer at least one hour of their time to assist in the kitchen or the vegetable garden.

Palpung Sera Nevada
The venue is situated in the National Park of Sierra Nevada, in the Alpujarra de Granada, at 2000m of altitude. It is of extraordinary beauty and tranquility. It is possible to have walks and treks, either on foot or push bikes. There is also a water depot where one can swim.
For reservation please contact Isa on mobile: +34 636 484 610
or by email to:

Medicinal plant project
in Palpung Sera Nevada

We began the medicinal plant garden in 2019 whilst learning the various plants which grow naturally at 2000 metres in our region.
This resulted a small book with the description and properties of both grown and wild plants, about 50 in total.
Tai Situpa provided us with the idea to grow medicinal plants which can be used in Tibetan medicine. Sonan, the Tibetan doctor in Sherabling will visit every year to teach in the use and growth of these plants, as well as observe and study the stars in the dark night sky of the Sierra Nevada.
We hope to be able to provide dates for these courses soon.

Click on the image below to view/download the book.


Horse riding
in Sierra Nevada

This is another project that we launched this year in collaboration with Antonio and Clara with their new business Equi'Libre, to have horse and mule riding trails across the large immaculate spaces of the Sierra Nevada, admiring the exceptional flora and fauna and sleeping below the stars in the bright night sky.
This contact with nature, the silence and space is ideal for introspection and meditation.